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Advanced Basics offer a range of Termite Inspection and Management Services. All of our Termite Services comply with the Australian Standards AS3660.

For further information on Termite Services we would be pleased to book you in for a free no obligation personal phone consultation with one of our qualified Specialist Termite Technicians.

Termite Inspections

Termite Protection Programs

Timber Replacement Warranties


Termite Inspections

Visual Termite Inspection

This fundamental service is a first point of call for any property owner. Learn more about the condition of your property through our thorough and extensive Visual Termite Inspection service. Our technicians will use their extensive experience and knowledge to determine if your property has active termites or inactive termite evidence. A comprehensive Visual Termite Inspection provides the foundation for accurate assessment of any Invasive Inspections and Property Management recommendations or Programs that may be required.

Our service on average takes around 2 hours for a standard sized property and provides you with:

  • An in-depth review of accessible property areas including property interior, roof cavity, walls, subfloor, and exterior areas surrounding the property such as fences, trees, gardens, garages and other outbuildings.
  • Full written report of property assessment
  • Recommendations for property management

It is important to remember that a Visual Termite Inspection is exactly as it specifies - visual assessment only. Any further services that require more extensive access to your property would be considered part of an Invasive Termite Inspection.

Invasive Termite Inspection

Generally an Invasive Termite Inspection will be required if your Visual Termite Inspection identifies areas that require further investigation. An Invasive Termite Inspection can include:

  • Movement of furniture or other items to gain increased access to walls
  • Access to internal wall cavities either by drilling small holes for optic fibre cameras or cutting larger holes for visual access.
  • Removing internal or external wall linings
  • Movement of roof cavity insulation
  • Examining soil built up around external walls
  • Test drilling of trees or tree stumps
  • Thermal Imaging of your property

Depending on the structural access to your property a builder may be required to provide us access to inaccessible areas such as roof cavities, ceilings between floor levels, internal walls or similar. We have a list of recommended builders we use if you do require our support to organise this.

Generally we will always conduct a Visual Termite Inspection before undertaking any Invasive Inspection activity. We will advise you on the day of your service and in your report if any invasive inspection is required. 

If your property has previously had termite activity or damage it is sometimes relevant, or you may request us, to initially conduct a Combined Termite Inspection which includes undertaking a range of both Visual & Invasive Termite Inspection activities during your service. We will be able to discuss this with you at the time of your booking.

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Termite Protection Programs

For a long term solution Advanced Basics strongly recommends a Termite Management Program as the best protection for your property to control risks and minimise possible termite damage. A Termite Management Program involves a tailored program specific to your property needs and includes:

  • Property assessment
  • Property recommendations such as property/landscape changes and debris removal
  • Termite management systems & treatment, which includes:
    • Regular Visual Termite Inspections at 3, 6 or 12 monthly intervals
    • Termite Protection System (We recommend Baiting and Monitoring Systems)
    • Physical Barrier (For new building structures and rennovations)
  • Ongoing property service and maintenance

There is no set price for our Termite Property Management Services as every situation is different. Property structures and access to properties vary. Therefore we cannot determine a price for Termite Management Programs until we have undertaken an assessment of your property through a full Visual Termite Inspection.  If you are obtaining a number of quotes it is important to “compare apples with apples” when reviewing quotes for services. Look at the type of service being delivered including:

  • Activities performed
  • Time taken to deliver the service/s
  • What you receive at the end (Warranties, Certificates, Follow-up service calls)
  • Long-term results (Protection status)
  • Will your provider be able to deliver your services into the future

This information will help you make an accurate decision on service value.

Baiting & Monitoring Systems

Our team of professionals are highly trained in the installation Termite baiting & monitoring systems. Our products of choice are Nemesis & Exterra. These systems can only be installed by professional qualified pest managers such as Advanced Basics; Manufacturers support only those professionals who have completed the product accreditation courses and who install the system in accordance with the their manuals.

System Purpose: Baiting & Monitoring Systems have a dual purpose. They act as a detection system for any Termites that may enter your property and they also allow complete eradication of Termite Colonies, the source of where these Termites are originating from. Unlike other systems such as Chemical Barriers, that simply repel and/or eradicate only those Termites that come into contact with the Barrier, Baiting & Monitoring systems provide you with peace of mind by intercepting any foraging termites that may enter your property and concentrating their feeding in monitoring stations. These In -Ground Stations contain timber interceptors and are strategically embedded in the soil around the perimeter of your building. Stations are inspected on a regular basis until termites are intercepted. At this point Termite Bait is added to the active stations.

Baiting Active Termites: The attractive, easy to feed on, Termite bait can be immediately placed onto or into timbers where Termites are found feeding, using above & below ground stations. The Termites quickly feed on the Termite bait, taking it back to the nest. The Termites cannot detect that the bait is slowly affecting their ability to grow and develop. The insect growth regulator active ingredient - Chlorfluazuron - also stops the Termite colony being able to reproduce. Termite Bait is replenished or refreshed periodically in order to facilitate bait up take. Active stations are regularly inspected and replenished as required approximately every 3 weeks. The Termite colony loses whole generations of replacment members and gradually declines and finally collapses. The effects of the Nemesis Termite bait are visible and can be tracked. This means Termite colony elimination can be reliably determined. The Termites natural habits, food preferences, energy saving and feeding behaviour are all used against the colony.

Termite Physical Barriers

Physical Barriers increase property structure protection. Our product of choice is Homeguard, which can only be installed by qualified professionals. Physical Barriers provide a protective barrier around the base of a building structure, and can also be applied to other areas of a property such as retaining walls. They are predominantly applied to new building structures, and are also used in property renovation and additions. Physical Barriers act by killing Termites that come into contact with the barrier, and repelling of Termites foraging near building structures that contain the physical Barrier.

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Timber replacement warranties

Advanced Basics can issue Timber Replacement Warranties to any property, subject to the property meeting the criteria of the warranty programs. For further information one of our yechnicians would be pleased to speak with you further about your needs.

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